Chinese Lesson & price


Chinese  Lesson  &  price     


Kanwa  language  center                            


Private  Lesson 100HText book100  


Class Lesson    50HText book100   


Mrs Zhang's Lesson:   PL-150/H;    CL-80/H  


    Application to  Lesson                           

    1.Curriculums: please  choose  curriculums with a fixed or flexible schedule.                        

     flexible curriculums will be held with unfixed teachers.                      

    Sometimes fixed curriculums may also be held with unfixed teachers.

        However, we will try our best to have fixed teachers for fixed cirriculums                      

    2.Class Time: you must attend an hour and a half lesson from Monday to Friday evenings,

       during Saturday and Sunday one hour minimum lesson  is required.                     

    3.Payement: A total of 5 lessons should be paid at the beginning of each payment cycle, PL-500yuan/ CL-250yaun.                        

    4. Cancelation: if you cancel the lesson in advance, there will be no cancelation charge.                          

    5. if the lesson is not canceled in advance, you will be charged for the lesson.                      

    6. Refunds: there will be no refund once a student has paid for their lessons                           


     How to cancel                        

     *Evening Classes: if you take a lesson in the evening                      

     to cancel the lesson you must notify us  before 12:00am and you will not be charged for the lesson                     


     *Weekend Classes: if you take a lesson on the weekend                       

      to cancel the lesson you must cancel one day before and you will not be charged for the lesson                        


     *Class changes and late arrivals: if you  change the  time of the lesson  or arrive  late for the class                     

      you must notify us before 12:00am, you will not be charged for the lesson                          

      if you notify us  after 12pm, you will be changed for the full lesson .        



ADD:Lever7,Room702 Xincheng Building No.203 Nandajie Road

MOB & Wechat :13962949001, Mrs Zhang

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